Chairperson’s Message

As our world becomes increasingly overwhelmed by television, video games and internet browsing – kids are spending a lot less time on face-to-face interaction with their peers. How are kids expected to grow and develop the skills they will need in the real world if they spend all day sitting in front of a screen?

Engaging outdoor environments such as a skateparks are great places for kids to interact with one another and build vital social and interpersonal skills.
When a skatepark is built, a community develops around it. For kids who are struggling to identify with team sports, this community gives them a valuable sense of belonging. When they show up to the park, race, gender and age are all thrown out the window – all that matters is that they have a good attitude and a passion for skating. Skateboarding is a very cost-effective activity that anyone can enjoy. In this skatepark, many lifelong friendships will bloom – often between very different types of people.

A Professional Opinion

In a recent study by the Journal of Adolescent Research, Dr. Graham L. Bradley explains that “skate parks are positive places, which encourage civic responsibility and social skills.

We also watched and observed kids acquiring social skills, learning to cooperate, to take turns, to take some responsibility for their sporting arena. They have pride in it and they look after it.

We think young boys at the skatepark are learning the beginnings of some civic participation, some responsibility, and some involvement in their community.”


The Cayman Islands Skateboard Association have events and developed partnerships with Special Needs Foundation of Cayman, Big Brother Big Sister, YMCA Cayman, Children and Youth Services Foundation and the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service just to name a few.

First Aid/ CPR

The skate park is equipped with a First Aid Kit and one team member on duty will be equipped to administer First Aid/CPR. An ambulance will be contacted in the event of any serious accidents. Parents will contacted immediately in the event of an accident that requires medical attention.